All You Need Is Love.

I created quite a scene.

Really, though, I don’t know what else could have been expected of me. It was the first time I’d seen a Christmas magazine for sale in two years-and I flew across the grocery store with all of the pent-up glee you’d expect when a girl has been cinnamon and pine tree deprived for that long.

Well bonjour Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Christmas Cookies magazine, you beautiful thing you! I’d wager a gingerbread house with a peppermint chimney and gumdrop doorknobs that I can make all 136 recipes by November 1rst. And besides, the more I bake, the more it looks like it snowed flour in my kitchen, which is just. magic.

I know it isn’t quite time for Christmas yet, but my sweet, red and green cookie magazine has been a welcome distraction from the rather dismal reality that Christy moved to Oregon for love last week. It’s a crutch, that’s what that magazine is. An unhealthy, psychological crutch. And it’s better than lithium!

You see, I went to college with these girls.

The day that I met Christy, Jess and Cayce, I was blithely unaware that I’d spend the rest of my life referring to them as “my roommates”. No matter who moved to what continent or who fell in love with who. Back in college, we did everything together. We woke up at 3:30 AM to study together, talked each other into skipping class, belly-laughed until we couldn’t breathe over woefully pitiful stories of dates gone hopelessly awry,  burned turkeys in the oven together [okay, that one I might have done without very much help…] celebrated with cookie dough cheesecake, cried over…well, cookie dough cheesecake…

They’re the best, really. The kind of friends you can wear your yoga pants around for two weeks on end, without the slightest worry that they’ll so much as bat an eye over it.

…not that I’ve ever done that, mind you.

And then, in the most egregious display of poor decision making the world has ever seen, we decided to do this.

Several months later, after spending our senior year of college up to our eyeballs in wedding magazines, fabric swatches and cake samples, Jess [finally!] married the love of her life.

It was perfect.

The day after her wedding, Christy and I moved to Africa. Because that’s just not the sort of thing that you do alone.

While Christy and I were sweating over heaps of oily rice in Senegal and Jess was busy adjusting to life with a boy, Cayce was busy falling in love with a guy at work named Tyler.

He proposed after just a couple of months, and on October 1rst this girl:

Became this girl.

She was stunning. Given our strict policy that one of us has to move the day after another of us gets married, I hugged Christy goodbye in the parking lot after Cayce’s reception had ended, and the next morning she hopped in her car to drive across the continental US, where her excited boyfriend was waiting for her.

Because all you need is love.

I only cried three times. Which I feel like I ought to get a cupcake for.

“I hereby command you: Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Wherever we go-and wherever we stay. When everything changes, and when nothing changes. Emmanuel-God with us! I am so thankful to be loved by a God that has promised to never leave me. The things that matter to me matter to Him-and that changes my life. I think when change comes our way, God is not just watchful. I picture Him giving a standing ovation-savoring His grace and hard work in our lives. And because He’s God and we’re not, we can trust Him and boldly follow Him to the ends of the earth and back again with full confidence that He knows exactly what He’s doing.

Yes, and amen. Good to know!


  1. Benjamen Ober says:

    If I leave a comment on your blog, will you return my calls?

  2. Welcome back to blog world.

    You’ve been missed.

  3. Tricia King says:

    Love. This. What a special group of “roommates” (aka sisters-from-different-mothers!) I am so glad you all found each other and I know you will still be friends 50 years from now, in spite of geography! These kind of friendships don’t come along every day.

  4. ahhh beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. Sometimes I feel like change is something I go through, and transition in life with friends. I know it’s not true, but I can feel so alone in that! LOVE and absolutely adore this post, and YOU, Ash! :)

  5. something only I*

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