Fancy Pants.

Welcome to the new blog! What do you think? All I have to say is, Danielle Burkleo and Mary Hess for PRESIDENT. [Yes, both of them.] Danielle and Mary are the elves responsible for the renovation around here, and were absolute GEMS that answered my myriad of questions with the … [Read more...]

IMPORTANT: If you’re subscribed to my blog…

This blog will self-destruct in 3…2..1.. I kid. Well, kind of. The thing is, I think we all know that this little blog of mine needs an extreme makeover. Can I be painfully honest for a moment? The way that this space looks makes me want to walk outside and scream forever. I … [Read more...]

My Eleventy-Billion Dollar Desk. [He Sees.]

Once upon a time [oh, just a couple days ago], I wrote a blog about a little black desk. A dreamy little number that I’d seen and fallen hopelessly, irreversibly in love with, but ALAS could never be mine because it was eleventy billion dollars. That day, my … [Read more...]

My Little Black Desk.

It all started with a fateful trip to Ethan Allen. I should clarify that I was not furniture shopping at Ethan Allen. This is NOT like the very first time that I ever met Kellan's sister Keri for coffee at the Mad Hatter cafe, and I walked in sheepishly holding a bottle of Figi … [Read more...]

[Not] An Extreme Makeover.

It was just another unspeakably sweltering, shut-in Tuesday night in Senegal when I began telling stories in my own little corner of cyberspace. Options of things to do post seven PM in a Muslim country in Africa quickly become rather limited when you’re not allowed outside … [Read more...]

And I [Still] Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…

I fell into the blogging world entirely by happenstance. I was bored on a Tuesday, February night in 2010, and had long since grown weary of people’s mistaken assumption that you need to be perfect to do what I do. I wondered if my messy, absurd stories might encourage other … [Read more...]