Honey, I Lost the Car.

I made it to Portland! Christy and I stayed up until four AM my time excitedly chatting away, and BLISS. Sitting on her green couch stumbling over our words as they poured out was a relaxing, calming elixir and I wanted to bottle up the feeling and store it forever. Would … [Read more...]

In Which I Paid a Visit to the Senegalese Emergency Room.

The first detail that simply must be clarified about said “Emergency Room” is that it was exactly that: a literal room in a clinic in downtown Dakar with the word “emergency” clearly labeled on the door. But let’s back this train up and talk about how it came to pass that at … [Read more...]

Of Drag Queen Angels, and a Beanie Baby Jesus.

My second year of STINT [better known as "STINT: The Remix"] has become my proverbial second child-thus, I have taken very few pictures. This week I worked to remedy that. Now, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words-and so today I'm going to let mine do most of the … [Read more...]

Of Carols and Cardboard. [TIA.]

Breakfast this morning consisted of one pot of coffee and an oreo. Because I’m an adult, and I get to decide what that means. On Monday, my team and I had grand plans of spending our evening watching Frosty come to life and drinking cinnamon apple cider while we finished our … [Read more...]

Of Crunched Prayer Beads. [Oops.]

Where did we leave off? That’s right, with me on the beach in my trampy outfit.  My team and I had made plans to eat by the ocean that Friday night, and then to hop in a couple of the filthy, canary yellow, precarious death traps masquerading as taxis and head to an ice cream … [Read more...]

That’s Why the Lady Is a Tramp.

I’m going to need a couple minutes of judgment-free reading from you. Deal? Perfect. You see, there’s just something about a white girl running alone in Dakar. I don’t know what it is. It was around week three last year in Senegal when I finally mustered up every ounce of … [Read more...]