What Sisters are For.

My little sister called me a couple of weeks ago, proudly informing me that she was going to prom. This was a profoundly disturbing announcement, given that in my mind she is still a tubby two year old with sprightly chestnut pig tales, and a fond penchant for purple feather … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Easter Baskets.

The first married holiday that Kellan and I celebrated together was Easter. We’d been married for all of ten minutes, and I had no sooner hung up his and her bathroom towels when quite suddenly, Easter was upon us. In my family, every holiday is a rather grand affair. Growing … [Read more...]

Make Them Eat Cake.

I am INSUFFERABLE about my birthday. However, I adamantly maintain my innocence, because it’s really not my fault. As a little girl, my parents celebrated my birthday for the entire month of April, effectively making April THE MONTH OF ME. I was like a tiny fascist dictator, … [Read more...]

Mama Always Said…

I'd like you to meet my Mama. [vimeo http://vimeo.com/90086228] Her name is Cindy. She is feisty and sarcastic and ENTIRELY inappropriate. She makes a decadent chocolate cake that will change your whole entire life, and when I was little she religiously danced to Richard … [Read more...]


My family carefully hung each of Ian’s ornaments, placing his treasured, tacky yellow Big Bird at the very top of the tree, right next to the angel. The ornament is an eyesore that I’ve always hated and hidden on the back of the tree when Ian wasn’t looking, but this year I … [Read more...]

The Extravagant, Irrational Point.

[Today is my Dad's birthday! In his honor, I'm re-posting a blog that I wrote about him months ago. I love you, Daddy!] My Mom tells me that when she was pregnant with me, my Daddy desperately wanted a girl from day one. She originally wanted a boy, but seeing how much my Dad … [Read more...]