Of “Many Goats”, and My Arranged Marriage. [Daddy, I’m Getting Married!]

The other week, Christy and I were the honored guests at Khadi Baa’s family home for lunch. Now, when I say “honored guests”, I mean that I walked through the roughly hewn concrete door only to be enthusiastically greeted by her entire extended [and might I add, positively … [Read more...]

The Best Part of Waking Up…

When it comes to coffee, my first two weeks in Senegal were absolutely tragic.  At least, I think that they were. And that’s the thing-I can’t really remember. On October 25, 2009, I ran to the Starbucks closest to gate C25 in the DC airport as the stewardess glared at me and … [Read more...]

No Sacrifice [Here’s My Life.]

“To You, I give my life- Not just the parts I want to To You, I sacrifice These dreams that I hold onto Your thoughts are higher than mine Your words are deeper than mine Your love is stronger than mine- This is no sacrifice, Here’s my life..." Those lyrics come from a song … [Read more...]