An Announcement Not About Babies.

Things have been rather quiet around my blog lately because quite frankly, I haven’t had a hot second to sit down and THINK. However, the show must go on and inquiring minds need to know, so here it is: we bought a house! A real adult house with our very own yard and our very … [Read more...]

Androgynous Marshmallows.

Well, it’s happening. We all knew it would, of course—but nothing could have prepared me for November snow flurries. When I was a little girl, every time the air grew frosty outside my third grade teacher would confidently declare that it was “snot freezing weather”. Y’all. IT … [Read more...]

The Hog Queen.

A week ago today, I met Kellan at the airport and hopped a Raleigh bound flight on account of some unfinished business with the Raleigh DMV. [Operation Becoming a Dickens: Take 83648202947573akjdffa;kjldfda;lkjfdakj;l. I would have been indignant and possibly slightly dangerous … [Read more...]

How to Save Your Marriage for Fifteen Dollars.

Let's be clear right off the bat: fifteen dollars cannot buy happiness. It turns out, however, that fifteen dollars can buy you a little black fan on sale at Target, which will make enough noise at night to drown out the sound of your blissfully unaware husband snoring just four … [Read more...]

Operation: Brownies or Birth Control?

You were all just dears about my apple situation. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the comments, notes and texts with recipe ideas! Unfortunately for all of us, half way through my rainy New York day I realized that what I’d secretly been hoping for all along was a recipe … [Read more...]

My Apple Predicament.

This weekend started off with a bang, when I wandered down to the mail room and discovered a package addressed to me. [And let it henceforth be known that there are few things in life that I love more than packages!] I ripped into my unexpected manila envelope and discovered this … [Read more...]