Of My Polygamist Marriage.

There’s a lot that you are wisely left in the dark about when you sign up to go on STINT. For instance, when I signed that dotted line I hadn’t the slightest idea that I would become intimately acquainted with my teammate’s underwear situations over the course my year in Dakar. … [Read more...]

We Will Always Be Together. [Of Diegane and Jesus.]

As promised: Dayton's rendition of of how Diegane encountered Jesus. -- November 2009---       I checked my sweaty watch as I waited outside the B.U., or the university library. My contact was late. (Little did I know then how regular a phenomenon that would be.) Pulling my … [Read more...]

Making The Sun Stand Still.

Diegane decided to follow Jesus on Saturday!  I’m not going to tell you the story-I’m going to let Dayton do that. [That should be posted later today or tomorrow.] That glorious news made for one incredible weekend, though! It has been six months since we've seen someone make … [Read more...]

I [Still] Do.

Today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary! One of the sweetest things in my life has been growing up with parents that are crazy in love with each other. After twenty-five years, my Dad still absolutely adores my Mom-and she thinks that he hung the moon. An email that my Mom … [Read more...]

In Which We Retreated. [Team Style.]

“I have found that there are three stages to every great work of God. First, it is impossible, then, it is difficult, then, it is done.”  –J. Hudson Taylor  This past weekend, I got to celebrate seven months of “impossible” with my team. Our boss in the US mandates that every … [Read more...]

It’s a Boy!

In a recent incredibly exciting turn of events, I’m thrilled to announce that a friend of mine from UNC is joining us in Senegal next year! I was talking with Ted on skype a couple of months ago, and I off-handedly asked him what he was doing next year. He hemmed and hawed about … [Read more...]