Of Hope in the Midst of Misplaced Keys and Minor Chords.

This one, I’m not sure how to write. The story doesn’t resolve-she doesn’t resolve. In this grand symphony we call life, she is a haunting minor chord-the slight grating noise of a key misplaced. She is uncomfortable, and hastily forgotten as the music swells. But I can’t forget … [Read more...]

Of Getting the Heck Out of Oz. [And the Munchkins Who Make Me Want to Stay.]

Can I just brag on my team? Thursday was a hard day. The “why” is entirely irrelevant- the point is that at approximately five fifteen PM, just as I ought to have been crossing the street towards the beach for my daily run, [both the most blissfully relaxing AND the most … [Read more...]

Beauty From Bedlam. [Of Lemons.]

“Forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know an extraordinary God.” –Jim Elliot Sometimes, Senegal feels like lemons. I know. It’s the thing I’m not supposed to say. And trust me, I really wish I could be the girl that adores third-world life in a Muslim African … [Read more...]

Of Tissue Snowstorms and Caramel Latte Coups.

I’ve spent the past couple of days in bed. Clearly, by “in bed”,  what I actually mean is that I’ve alternated between sprawling out on the blissfully cool tile in the living room, and curling up on the mat masquerading as my bed while the drunken lullaby drifting from the … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m Gone to Carolina in My Mind!

There’s something about that hauntingly beautiful song that makes me indescribably homesick. If you graduated from UNC, you understand exactly what I’m talking about-those lyrics just make you remember. Something incredible springs to life as the first notes float into the … [Read more...]

The Ritz. [Moving On Up.]

“Oh, that's not going to work.”  I believe that was precisely what I told my landlord when he first showed Christy and I the tiny little rooftop studio apartment that unbeknownst to us, would become home about a month later. It was probably an organic reaction to the elf-sized, … [Read more...]