Tales From a Haunted Corn Maze.

It all started when three of my favorites came to visit for Halloween. Haley, Strick [names unchanged because I HAVE NO INTEREST IN PROTECTING THE GUILTY] and Gretchen [another innocent victim] are some of my dearest friends on the planet. I'd spent weeks eagerly anticipating … [Read more...]

Sixteen Candles.

Friends, today is my little sister’s 16th birthday! I prayed for a sister for eleven long years before I finally got one. Sure, Mom and Dad thought that they were done having kids—but with two brothers quickly tiring of forced dress-up and tea parties, I had grown up with a … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Easter Baskets.

The first married holiday that Kellan and I celebrated together was Easter. We’d been married for all of ten minutes, and I had no sooner hung up his and her bathroom towels when quite suddenly, Easter was upon us. In my family, every holiday is a rather grand affair. Growing … [Read more...]

Make Them Eat Cake.

I am INSUFFERABLE about my birthday. However, I adamantly maintain my innocence, because it’s really not my fault. As a little girl, my parents celebrated my birthday for the entire month of April, effectively making April THE MONTH OF ME. I was like a tiny fascist dictator, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Ian!

I remember the day Ian was born. [His actual birthday, if you will.] After nine months of excitedly listening to my Mama’s belly with my toy stethoscope, and impatiently wondering when new baby would get here already, Stephen and I were taken to the hospital to meet our … [Read more...]

Let Freedom [Really] Ring.

As I watched red, white and blue sparks rain down across the night sky on July 4th, my heart felt like it might burst right along with the fireworks. I am grateful to have been born in a country with as much freedom as we enjoy in these United States, but I find it difficult to … [Read more...]