Sorry, Candy.

Memorial day weekend. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. You might remember that just before the holiday weekend hit, I came down with the black plague. This, however, did approximately nothing to dampen my enthusiasm over our very first Albany visitors flying … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Darrell?

Several days ago, I received an email from a woman in my small group. Y’all. She is just the sweetest thing and I probably would have packed my most prized possessions into my little blue duffel bag and run away by now if not for Betsy. It was Betsy that told me where to find … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!

So, I totally lied. Kellan did NOT leave on his business trip yesterday—instead, after weeks of bending the truth and trying desperately not to spill the proverbial beans, my sneaky husband flew to Maryland last night to surprise his sweet Mom for Mother’s day. Which would have … [Read more...]

Of Holy War and Hope.

And so it begins. Corn-yellow sun streaked afternoons with the windows rolled down, fireflies and lemonade on endless twilight evenings. Sweet, salt air and crashing waves. Time to turn up the radio and air conditioning, and toss those shoes to the wayside in favor of scrunching … [Read more...]

Hey, Julian.

My a-DORABLE twelve year old little sister received an “anonymous” heart shaped lollipop at school for Valentine’s day yesterday. Anonymous. I find this to be slightly suspect for a myriad of reasons. You might want to sit down-the emotion is still rather raw for me. I have, in … [Read more...]

Of Forest Fires, and Chocolate Covered Anti-Depressants.

As promised: a recap of our New Years celebration in Dakar. Given that I was still stuck on that blasted couch, the New Year's Eve dance party that we’d had planned…didn’t really pan out. [Though Michelle and I DID invent some wildly impressive upper-body moves that you’ll … [Read more...]