Of Butter and Turkish Prisons. [Half-Baked.]

On the subject of how on earth I’ve been occupying my time back home, there’s another adventure I ought to regale you with. Get comfortable-you might want to think about flipping your coffee pot on-because this one will put you in a food coma that will last a month of … [Read more...]

She Works Hard For the Money…[Get A Job.]

Given that apparently I’m going to be residing in the penguin habitat known as North Carolina for approximately the next month and a half, I’ve decided to fill my days with something slightly more useful than watching CSI reruns and memorizing the backs of my cereal boxes. … [Read more...]

Please Excuse This Interruption.

I know. It’s been a while.  But life as of late has been fraught with the busy ambiguities that drive me absolutely mad and don’t make good stories anyways. But here it is: I’m back in Raleigh. Three mildly panicked SOS doctors, two plane rides, and one giant caramel latte … [Read more...]

Red, White, and Butt-Naked. [Almost.]

We decided to channel our red, white and blue and eat cheeseburgers for dinner tonight. Cheeseburgers will forever remind me of Cayce. Cayce was one of my roommates in college, and it wasn’t at all uncommon for me to wake up on any given early weekday morning, in a feat of epic … [Read more...]

Of Sugar Plum Fairies, and Nine Year Olds Gone Wild.

My apartment looks like a troop of unruly nine year old boy scouts were left to their own impish, gleefully mischievous devices when grocery shopping. An absolutely embarrassing number of sugary American confections in telling, obnoxiously loud neon boxes are spilling out of … [Read more...]

Dreaming of a White Christmas… [Of September Snow.]

Easily the two hardest things about spending nine months in Senegal are missing people, and missing the Christmas season in all of its glory back home. I dearly miss ice skating, the heart-fluttering magic of icy nights that smell of cinnamon and snow, and twinkle lights that … [Read more...]