I packed up a Budget truck the morning after Ian's funeral and puttered onto the highway knowing exactly one person in the great city of Albany. I wake up next to him every morning. There is not a familiar winding road or an old friend’s knowing smile or a “usual” cup of coffee … [Read more...]

Cancer Sucks. Jesus Does Not.

When someone that you love is as sick as my little brother is, it’s easy to think of a clean bill of health as the very best thing. It’s understandable, really—there is nothing that I would not trade to see Ian healed of the cancer that wracks his body, and I am confident that … [Read more...]

Let it Be.

My type-A control freak personality craves a plan. I’m one of those people that would happily take a print-out detailing the rest of my life, and be on my merry way! I tend to live and die by a cute little green day-planner that serves as a sort of script for my life-you’ll never … [Read more...]

Of The UPS Man, African Snow White, and One Too Many Pickles.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we return to our regular programming. In light of recent distractions, regular programming this week in Dakar just happens to include hopelessly daunting piles of work that need to be finished before Tuesday morning at 5:20 AM [oh, we’ll get there … [Read more...]

Of What It Means To Be Forgiven.

God does not forgive sin. At least, not in the way that we so casually fling the word about. Living in a Muslim country has taught me that the Evangelical Christian church has more in common with Islam than we ought to be comfortable with-particularly in the way that we use the … [Read more...]

Of Discontentment and Faith.

Four days ago, I learned that for various reasons, my team may be flying home on June 30th. It’s only a day sooner than that July 1rst flight-…but it’s June. June. Something about that one missing day has made the inescapable reality that I will soon be flying home for good more … [Read more...]