Of What It Means To Be Forgiven.

God does not forgive sin. At least, not in the way that we so casually fling the word about. Living in a Muslim country has taught me that the Evangelical Christian church has more in common with Islam than we ought to be comfortable with-particularly in the way that we use the … [Read more...]

The Girl On The Left. [Just One More?]

People slip so easily into an endless sea of faceless humanity. Their names and stories are quickly forgotten as they are reduced to mere statistics-numbers overheard on the five o'clock news and forgotten by dinner time. That girl you see on the left? She’s a statistic. You … [Read more...]

The Lost Boys. [They Each Have Names.]

I briefly left my apartment yesterday for the first time in…well, much too long. When I opened the front door of my building, I immediately saw two things. Her: And him: I'm going to call him Pierre. He's a "talibe boy" which means that a couple of years ago, lured by the … [Read more...]

Of Crunched Prayer Beads. [Oops.]

Where did we leave off? That’s right, with me on the beach in my trampy outfit.  My team and I had made plans to eat by the ocean that Friday night, and then to hop in a couple of the filthy, canary yellow, precarious death traps masquerading as taxis and head to an ice cream … [Read more...]

Of Fairies, Mummies, and Jesus. [Oh My!]

And the conversation went something like this: Awa: What are American traditions on Halloween? Me: Well, we all dress up in costumes and ask our neighbors for candy. Awa: Why? Me: …*cricket   Dear. Goodness. Have any of us ever actually thought about that? I hadn’t the … [Read more...]

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About. [SP Training.]

Yesterday, my team and I spent the day training our SP. We gave a total of four seminars [Cash and I combined ours], covering: 1. How to follow up with students. [Christy] 2. Catholics and Jesus. [Ben] 3. Islamic theology and how to see the “soul questions” in things that … [Read more...]