The Boy with the Brown Eyes.

I couldn't tear my eyes away. I have subscribed to all the usual suspects on Twitter, CNN and BBC and every “breaking news” feed that I could find. A wealth of information at my fingertips, one mindless click away. Daily, I scroll through, growing progressively more numb with … [Read more...]

Changing the Story. [END IT.]

We were on Skype, she working in Nepal and me in my air-conditioned New York living room.My computer screen flickered, and in utter disbelief, I had to ask my friend to repeat herself.She said it again, slowly—Ashley, there are entire villages in Nepal where there are no women … [Read more...]

Let Freedom [Really] Ring.

As I watched red, white and blue sparks rain down across the night sky on July 4th, my heart felt like it might burst right along with the fireworks. I am grateful to have been born in a country with as much freedom as we enjoy in these United States, but I find it difficult to … [Read more...]