New Mercy.

Kellan and I celebrated my job offer by going to buy new running shoes. I’m cheap about the strangest things, and even though I run every day, I hadn’t splurged on a new pair of running shoes since the day after I moved back from Africa. Circa, oh, I don’t know, two and a half … [Read more...]

Ladies Who [Are Out To] Lunch.

My 25th birthday was hallmarked by the rather terrifying realization that it’s finally happening. In a sort of “I still vaguely recall what to do with this tooth brush” kind of way, I am officially losing my mind. It became impossible to deny the blatantly obvious when at … [Read more...]

Bagged Lunch Baggage.

It’s nice to see all of you again. You haven’t changed one bit. I trust that the past several weeks have worked out beautifully for you and humbly apologize for my propensity to get sidetracked and forget that just because I’m not thinking about my blog does not mean it doesn’t … [Read more...]

John Henson is my Homeboy. Also, I am Cold.

While the harsh reality that I work at a church might suggest that I am, in fact, immune to the typical distractions that vie for the attention of the general masses, it’s far from true. Take this morning, for instance. I sprang forward at dark thirty to get to work, and in my … [Read more...]

Man vs. Food. [The Death Wish.]

It made no sense to me. Mind you, this is probably only thanks to the fact that I was absolutely religious about eating my vegetables as a child, and have never had a head injury. But when Herb* [who works in the cubicle neighboring mine at the Frat House,] and I ran to a … [Read more...]