Well, we did it. A week and a half ago, Kellan and I picked up the keys to our new house and said goodbye to apartment 1304. Closing the front door on the first eleven months of our marriage was bittersweet.The morning after Ian’s funeral, we packed up a Penske truck with a … [Read more...]

The Ugly Place.

Y’all. MY HUSBAND. We spent the weekend on a North Carolina lake watching the last vestiges of summer flicker and fade into fall, and Monday morning found two bleary-eyed Dickens hopping a dark-thirty flight back to Albany. As I mindlessly scribbled a grocery list into my … [Read more...]

Becoming a Dickens.

Last week, I took my life and my old social security card into my hands, and made the trek to the Schenectady social security office. Y’all. I really expected better from you. You KNEW I had to do this—and not one of you bothered to warn me! I thought we were friends. I … [Read more...]


The wedding was breathtaking. ASHLEY was breathtaking. The woman that knows things about me that would bring a screeching halt to any presidential aspirations that I’ve ever had looked like something out of a fairy tale. Brides like her are the precise reason that little girls … [Read more...]

Got Milk?

Confession is cathartic and this is mine: I have a highly illogical but very real fear of running out of milk. I mean that quite literally—there are few things in life that make my heart race and bring me closer to the brink of losing my ever-loving mind like an almost-empty … [Read more...]