Make Them Eat Cake.

I am INSUFFERABLE about my birthday. However, I adamantly maintain my innocence, because it’s really not my fault. As a little girl, my parents celebrated my birthday for the entire month of April, effectively making April THE MONTH OF ME. I was like a tiny fascist dictator, … [Read more...]

Tales of a Failed Home Decorator.

It all started with a doormat. I mentioned recently that Kellan and I made the move from our two bedroom apartment to a real adult house. A house that understandably looks rather barren, given the fact that our earthly possessions are comprised primarily of the treasures that … [Read more...]

The Intersection of Death and Marriage.

On March 2nd, 2013, Kellan promised forever to a woman that neither of us knew. Three impossibly short days before I put on my white dress and walked down the aisle, I’d held my little brother’s swollen hand as he died. The girl that left her brother’s body alone in room 17 of … [Read more...]

Top Ten Nuggets of Newlywed GOLD.

Kellan and I celebrated a year of marriage on March 2nd. My sweet husband planned an incredible surprise weekend in New York City, and we lived it up because hallelujah we made it! Reflections on our first year of marriage are coming later. Today, in honor of one whole year, … [Read more...]


Well, we did it. A week and a half ago, Kellan and I picked up the keys to our new house and said goodbye to apartment 1304. Closing the front door on the first eleven months of our marriage was bittersweet.The morning after Ian’s funeral, we packed up a Penske truck with a … [Read more...]

An Announcement Not About Babies.

Things have been rather quiet around my blog lately because quite frankly, I haven’t had a hot second to sit down and THINK. However, the show must go on and inquiring minds need to know, so here it is: we bought a house! A real adult house with our very own yard and our very … [Read more...]