The Story. [Unwritten.]

The secret thrill of reading any great work of literature is shrouded in the unknown. As the plot twists wildly and suspense intensifies and tantalizes the mind, we revel in the intoxicating ecstasy of uncertainty. The best stories-the ones that arrest and engage your mind and … [Read more...]

Hey, Soul Sister.

The beauty of being self-published, is that I get to do exactly what I want. And right now, I want to post a thousand pictures and help you step into my day. In breaking news, Miriam and Coumba sat me down and explained a fool proof method to "make a man fall in love with … [Read more...]

Mangos and Magnolia Trees.

Ten. There are just ten more links on the yellow paper chain hanging by my window. Ten days from right this moment, I’ll be driving in North Carolina. I see Magnolia trees, unsweetened peach mango iced tea, baseball games and a bed in my very near future!I finally broke the news … [Read more...]

Why I Moved to Africa.

There is something irresistible in the secret thrill of the unfamiliar. As a little girl, I used to eagerly scour the pages of any exotic National Geographic that contained pictures of villages in rural Africa. My eyes were captivated by proud women with garish head wraps and … [Read more...]

Fragments of My Imagination

There are just twenty-four days left in Dakar. My frazzled nerves and scattered mind have made it impossible to tell you just one cohesive story. Brace yourselves. It started with the laundry. I did laundry in the bathtub yesterday, and the murky, rather sinister charcoal color … [Read more...]

Invisible. [What He Has Been To Me.]

I’ve told you about Talibe boys before. They’re the barefoot children that wander the streets of Dakar clutching rusty,  tin tomato sauce cans, begging for spare change. They’re part of an organized system-each "works" for one of the many local Islamic cult leaders. They’re … [Read more...]