Lean on Me.

I apologize for the impromptu blogging hiatus. I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats wondering how the nail-biter saga that is my birthday turned out. PATIENCE, PEONS! [I'm sorry. The birthday dictator keeps bubbling to the surface. So embarrassing.] A week and a … [Read more...]

The Wedding Video.

I apologize for the radio silence around here. Just be grateful that you’re not my husband, who is currently living on dreams and scrambled eggs. I am straight-up exhausted. In typical “us” fashion, we decided that we should buy a new house, join a new church AND start my new … [Read more...]

My Apple Predicament.

This weekend started off with a bang, when I wandered down to the mail room and discovered a package addressed to me. [And let it henceforth be known that there are few things in life that I love more than packages!] I ripped into my unexpected manila envelope and discovered this … [Read more...]

Remember When?

So, I don't want to brag, but I hit the in-law jackpot. Exhibit A: several months ago, my sweet in-laws emailed me to take us up on our offer [read: plea] for them to come visit us. Casually, as though this sort of thing happens every day, they asked if Kellan and I might be … [Read more...]

Amish Country.

Yesterday, I had a meeting in Lancaster, PA which was just fine with me because some of my very dearest friends live in Lancaster. And so Tuesday after my mani-pedi [I feel so posh saying that. Like it’s something I do all the time instead of NEVER unless I’m in a wedding. What’s … [Read more...]

Hollandaise for President!

Y’all. I had the BEST day. My sweet friend Allyson came to visit! Allyson is from North Carolina. She believes in sweet tea, temperate winters and big hair, and attends my church back home which is how we met. She’s currently dating a man that lives in Pennsylvania [read: … [Read more...]