Why Googling is Romantic.

It all started with lunch. Kellan and I had only been dating for a matter of days when he extended an invitation to dine with him after church. I was to come over at 1:00, and he was cooking. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was big. Huge! Like, landing on the moon … [Read more...]

The Smitten List.

Smitten: affected by something overwhelming; to be really taken by; infatuated; enamored. Ladies and gentlemen: without further ado-I give you: the smitten list. 1. Christy is engaged. Christy! Is! Engaged! That boy of hers finally popped the question on a frosty December … [Read more...]

All You Need Is Love.

I created quite a scene. Really, though, I don’t know what else could have been expected of me. It was the first time I’d seen a Christmas magazine for sale in two years-and I flew across the grocery store with all of the pent-up glee you’d expect when a girl has been cinnamon … [Read more...]

Cover Me!

As much as I’m enjoying life at the frat house [read: my part time job at Summit], a recent gander at my bank account prompted a rather frenzied attempt to find a second job last week. Well, if I’m honest, my first instinct was not so much to scour the internet for available … [Read more...]

Trollops Are People Too.

You would have understood if you’d only been there-I just know you would’ve. Call it a momentary lapse in judgment.  Blame the relentless heat-Dakar does, after all, feel very much like an oven as of late. Or maybe the stress of leaving this country forever in just seventeen … [Read more...]


Last Thursday began like any other in Dakar. The drunken lullaby of the mosque wafted over my sleepy African city as I slowly awoke, stumbled off the floor, and went to make a pot of hazelnut crème coffee. As I sat curled up on the couch reading and drinking a steaming mug of … [Read more...]