Androgynous Marshmallows.

Well, it’s happening. We all knew it would, of course—but nothing could have prepared me for November snow flurries. When I was a little girl, every time the air grew frosty outside my third grade teacher would confidently declare that it was “snot freezing weather”. Y’all. IT … [Read more...]

The Hog Queen.

A week ago today, I met Kellan at the airport and hopped a Raleigh bound flight on account of some unfinished business with the Raleigh DMV. [Operation Becoming a Dickens: Take 83648202947573akjdffa;kjldfda;lkjfdakj;l. I would have been indignant and possibly slightly dangerous … [Read more...]

Death by Double Stuffed.

Well, we could say that the chocolate situation is not going well. If by “not going well”, we mean that Friday night found me curled up in the fetal position, moaning about withdrawal and how Adele is the only person that understands me. Also, I may have said some particularly … [Read more...]

Operation: Brownies or Birth Control?

You were all just dears about my apple situation. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the comments, notes and texts with recipe ideas! Unfortunately for all of us, half way through my rainy New York day I realized that what I’d secretly been hoping for all along was a recipe … [Read more...]

My Apple Predicament.

This weekend started off with a bang, when I wandered down to the mail room and discovered a package addressed to me. [And let it henceforth be known that there are few things in life that I love more than packages!] I ripped into my unexpected manila envelope and discovered this … [Read more...]

The Dental Walk of Shame.

Last Thursday, I went to the dentist. He kindly scheduled me an 8:00 AM appointment for the next morning to have a cavity filled. Y’all, there are few things in life that are more humiliating than a dentist sitting in a pristine office with a perfect smile and a crisp, white … [Read more...]