Release the Flying Monkeys!

Kellan and I made an impromptu decision to go house hunting this weekend. Honestly, we’re not even convinced that we’re in the market to buy, but we’re young and had nothing better to do after church than to wander into strangers homes and stare at carpets that saw the Nixon … [Read more...]


Enter Monday, stage left. Mondays are such a shame, aren’t they? They serve as the proverbial bucket of cold water unceremoniously doused over the glowing embers of a perfectly delightful weekend. Kellan and I spent Saturday evening attending an annual event a coworker of his … [Read more...]

Amish Country.

Yesterday, I had a meeting in Lancaster, PA which was just fine with me because some of my very dearest friends live in Lancaster. And so Tuesday after my mani-pedi [I feel so posh saying that. Like it’s something I do all the time instead of NEVER unless I’m in a wedding. What’s … [Read more...]

Honey, I Lost the Car.

I made it to Portland! Christy and I stayed up until four AM my time excitedly chatting away, and BLISS. Sitting on her green couch stumbling over our words as they poured out was a relaxing, calming elixir and I wanted to bottle up the feeling and store it forever. Would … [Read more...]

Dear Women of America,

I woke up this morning with a craving for two chocolate chip pancakes so intense that I was utterly powerless to resist. Men, do you experience these things? Irrational flights from reality during which you make an entire batch of pancakes just so you can eat two? Inquiring … [Read more...]

These Streets Will Make you Feel Brand New?

Well, yesterday was not a winner. It all started when Facebook decided to change my sidebar ads from cute little bridesmaids dresses and elegant flower arrangements to SPERM FERTILITY HOME TESTS. I kid you not. I hadn’t the foggiest idea there even WAS such a thing until my … [Read more...]