She Works Hard For the Money…[Get A Job.]

Given that apparently I’m going to be residing in the penguin habitat known as North Carolina for approximately the next month and a half, I’ve decided to fill my days with something slightly more useful than watching CSI reruns and memorizing the backs of my cereal boxes. … [Read more...]

The Little Legs That Wouldn’t. [The Saga Continues.]

My sweaters have emerged from their two year hibernation in my garage, and these days you can find me alternating between the couch and my bed-dragging an oversized electric blanket with me to and fro. [Africa has made a cold-weather pansy of me.] My time at home has been spent … [Read more...]

Please Excuse This Interruption.

I know. It’s been a while.  But life as of late has been fraught with the busy ambiguities that drive me absolutely mad and don’t make good stories anyways. But here it is: I’m back in Raleigh. Three mildly panicked SOS doctors, two plane rides, and one giant caramel latte … [Read more...]

Red, White, and Butt-Naked. [Almost.]

We decided to channel our red, white and blue and eat cheeseburgers for dinner tonight. Cheeseburgers will forever remind me of Cayce. Cayce was one of my roommates in college, and it wasn’t at all uncommon for me to wake up on any given early weekday morning, in a feat of epic … [Read more...]

Of Carols and Cardboard. [TIA.]

Breakfast this morning consisted of one pot of coffee and an oreo. Because I’m an adult, and I get to decide what that means. On Monday, my team and I had grand plans of spending our evening watching Frosty come to life and drinking cinnamon apple cider while we finished our … [Read more...]

Marshmallowed and Mittened. [Of Words I Made Up.]

And so it finally begins. :) Life in the candlelit glow of evergreen and cedar, garish cranberry-red wrapping paper and silver bells, oversized pine wreaths and the magic luster of white twinkle lights, soft flannel and garland festively wrapped around anything that will stand … [Read more...]