In Which I Attempted To Master the Fine Art of Toaster Oven Cake [Cake Fail.]

I am an excellent cook.  It’s true. Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, and I know my way around a kitchen. This is due largely to the fact that all of the women in my family are fantastic cooks-and I grew up spending vast amounts of time in the kitchen with my Mom … [Read more...]

Of Dirty Laundry and Dead Pigeons. [Errands.]

Living in a third world country means that the simplest of things that used to take three and a half minutes are guaranteed to run you no less than three and a half hours. Errands that used to take me no time at all in Chapel Hill have evolved into all-day affairs. My least … [Read more...]

Out to Lunch

As the days march on in Senegal, I find myself looking at things a lot differently than I did during my first several weeks in Dakar. I remember stepping off of the airplane into what felt like a giant vat of pea soup (read: Dakar is hotter than hell), and within minutes feeling … [Read more...]