Confessions of a Teenage Dirtbag.

In the spirit of brutal honesty, I should confess that I need to do laundry. No, really. The situation is rather dire. In approximately 24 hours, the only clean thing I own in this country will be an electric blue bathing suit. And technically, I'm not supposed to wear that to … [Read more...]

The Dangers of the Chocolate Swamp.

The daily grind in Dakar is something akin to a life-sized game of Candy Land. Your outlook can change on a dime-one minute you’re strolling down Gumdrop Lane, and before you can say “Lord Licorice”, you suddenly find yourself flailing around in the Chocolate Swamp while the four … [Read more...]

Of Holy War and Hope.

And so it begins. Corn-yellow sun streaked afternoons with the windows rolled down, fireflies and lemonade on endless twilight evenings. Sweet, salt air and crashing waves. Time to turn up the radio and air conditioning, and toss those shoes to the wayside in favor of scrunching … [Read more...]

Live From [Dakar], It’s [Friday] Night!

Both the bowl of sunset-orange mango slices sitting next to my laptop and the Friday call to prayer echoing through my apartment would suggest that I am finally back in Senegal. :) In some ways, it feels like I was never really gone. Dakar is just as I left it. The glaring lack … [Read more...]

The World From My Yellow Taxi.

Michelle, Ted and I ventured out on a top-secret mission this morning. [I'll tell you all about it after Christy's birthday this Saturday. You see the problem is, she routinely reads my blog so she can keep a tally of gross exaggerations that I make about her. Retribution is … [Read more...]

The Lost Boys. [They Each Have Names.]

I briefly left my apartment yesterday for the first time in…well, much too long. When I opened the front door of my building, I immediately saw two things. Her: And him: I'm going to call him Pierre. He's a "talibe boy" which means that a couple of years ago, lured by the … [Read more...]