Help Me, Emily Post!

Early on in Dakar, I made it clear to my Senegalese friends that no subject was off limits. An innocent victim of cultural ignorance and sheer naiveté, I hadn’t the foggiest idea that over the next two years, I would spend countless hours fielding invasive, intensely personal … [Read more...]

In Which I Hit a Man.

It all started when our SP landed in Dakar this past Sunday morning. Suffice it to say, though having them here is great fun, they’ve been wreaking absolute havoc with my REM cycle. In between working a couple of consecutive sixteen hour days, not having any time off in about two … [Read more...]

Aya [Of Luck and Love.]

Aya probably looks rather reserved and demure to you-but you might be intrigued to learn that for a Senegalese Muslim woman, she is every inch a spit-fire! Several years ago she fell in love with her cousin [neither an atypical nor unacceptable phenomenon in Senegal], and he … [Read more...]

The God-shaped Vacuum [Faith is a Romance.]

 One of the fascinating things about life as an American in Africa, is that I have the unique opportunity to define the finer points of American culture for my students. For instance: as of November 26, 2009, there are approximately fifteen Senegalese students wandering around … [Read more...]

Out to Lunch

As the days march on in Senegal, I find myself looking at things a lot differently than I did during my first several weeks in Dakar. I remember stepping off of the airplane into what felt like a giant vat of pea soup (read: Dakar is hotter than hell), and within minutes feeling … [Read more...]