On Beyonce, Recovery Brownies and #WhyITribe

It started the way these things always do: my friends were doing it. Over the two and a half years that I spent in New York, [better known as: the years that shall not be named], several of my North Carolina friends joined a gym calledIron Tribe. Similar to Crossfit, I watched … [Read more...]

Remember When?

So, I don't want to brag, but I hit the in-law jackpot. Exhibit A: several months ago, my sweet in-laws emailed me to take us up on our offer [read: plea] for them to come visit us. Casually, as though this sort of thing happens every day, they asked if Kellan and I might be … [Read more...]


Enter July, stage right. Clearly, I found Kellan's car and made it back to Albany. I considered telling you how it was that I found myself wearing only one shoe, aimlessly wandering parking garages at LaGuardia at 11:30 at night. The journey back to my apartment took … [Read more...]

Visits to the Edge.

I have BIG news! No, I’m not pregnant. I think my least favorite part about marriage might be that every single time I call a friend with something earth shattering to announce, [and in my world, there are often earth shattering things to announce. I live in extremes and … [Read more...]


Friday night found Kellan and I at an office happy hour.His office, clearly. Not mine. My office currently consists of the “most called” list in my cell phone and the scrumptious little elderly Asian man that occasionally works out beside me at the gym. He doesn’t speak of lick … [Read more...]

These Streets Will Make you Feel Brand New?

Well, yesterday was not a winner. It all started when Facebook decided to change my sidebar ads from cute little bridesmaids dresses and elegant flower arrangements to SPERM FERTILITY HOME TESTS. I kid you not. I hadn’t the foggiest idea there even WAS such a thing until my … [Read more...]