These Streets Will Make you Feel Brand New?

Well, yesterday was not a winner. It all started when Facebook decided to change my sidebar ads from cute little bridesmaids dresses and elegant flower arrangements to SPERM FERTILITY HOME TESTS. I kid you not. I hadn’t the foggiest idea there even WAS such a thing until my … [Read more...]

No Doughnut Left Behind.

I left for the airport last night with enough spare time to herd a pack of water buffalo across the great state of Montana and STILL make it back to the Albany International Airport in time for my flight. This, thanks to my neurotic compulsion to arrive a thousand years early to … [Read more...]

Nothing Cute About It.

I’d just love to tell you about the past couple of days. Kellan and I had our very first Albany visitors and it was bliss. We recently decided to rank our friends and family based on who has/has not come to visit us, so currently Jess and Colin are our hands-down favorite people … [Read more...]

Fragments of my Imagination. [Of Deli Turkey and Dayquil.]

Today, there is not one cohesive thought. Today there are only fragments. Yesterday morning I woke up with a wicked cold. Knowing that he was going to have to jet off for a business trip at 4:30, Kellan surprised me by coming home early afternoon with bagels and a movie. The … [Read more...]

John Henson is my Homeboy. Also, I am Cold.

While the harsh reality that I work at a church might suggest that I am, in fact, immune to the typical distractions that vie for the attention of the general masses, it’s far from true. Take this morning, for instance. I sprang forward at dark thirty to get to work, and in my … [Read more...]

Summer: You’re Sloppy Seconds.

Oh my stars, September is here! It’s time. Time for crisp, sunny football afternoons and newly sharpened pencils, corn mazes and pumpkin spice lattes [which I never drink, but get simply dizzy with bliss smelling]. It’s time for leather boots that crunch on golden brown leaves, … [Read more...]