A New Kind of Every Day.

“I’m not pregnant!” I hadn’t anticipated needing to clarify that little detail on a regular basis upon my return to the home of the brave-…silly, silly me. I give you my conversation with the Chik-fil-a lady several days ago. Me: I’d like a number one with a Dr. Pepper, please! … [Read more...]

She’s Making a List, and Checking it Twice…

Two weeks from today! Two weeks. That’s fourteen days, kids. How did I get to this place? Life happens so quickly. This is one of my very favorite ways to slowly start the day-I’m up before anyone else, sitting in my living room with a giant vanilla hazelnut au lait. I’m one of … [Read more...]

Of Big Band Music and Malaria.

In only twenty-four days, my plane is going to touch down in beautiful Raleigh. Twenty-four days until dinner at home, country radio, driving barefoot on back-country roads, Seattle’s Best Coffee with my brothers, and seeing a lot of you! It feels absolutely unreal-and with how … [Read more...]

Of Water Guns and Top Ten Lists.

Yesterday, Matt Schneider turned 23! Clearly that was the only excuse all of us on staff needed to steal away and celebrate for a couple of hours. We took Matt to the nicest [read: only] Italian restaurant in Dakar-a cute little place called Café de Rome. I think the SP staff … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things! [Manna.]

About a month ago, I wrote a blog about all of the coffee my wonderful friends across the pond have sent my way, in which I mentioned that I had such an impressive cache stowed away in my suitcase, that I wasn’t going to need any more until next year. [Fondly referred to as … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Musings.

Goodmorning from Dakar! Mondays are a weekend day for me, so I’m spending my lazy morning curled up on my little brown couch with a mug of hazelnut coffee and a wonderful stack of emails from friends that I dearly miss. I love quiet mornings-the hour or four before anybody … [Read more...]