The wedding was breathtaking. ASHLEY was breathtaking. The woman that knows things about me that would bring a screeching halt to any presidential aspirations that I’ve ever had looked like something out of a fairy tale. Brides like her are the precise reason that little girls … [Read more...]


I’m looking for a job in Albany. Daily, I go to war on my overwhelming urge to channel the old couple in Titanic and simply lay down and pretend that it’s not happening. This impulse can be largely attributed to both the fact that I can’t stand the idea that I left a job that I … [Read more...]

Got Milk?

Confession is cathartic and this is mine: I have a highly illogical but very real fear of running out of milk. I mean that quite literally—there are few things in life that make my heart race and bring me closer to the brink of losing my ever-loving mind like an almost-empty … [Read more...]

Of Tacos and Moons.

Home again, home again! [Or perhaps more appropriately, whereIlive again, whereIlive again.] Yesterday, I put on my blue suede shoes and boarded a two hour flight from RDU to Albany. Every minute had all of the pent-up, gleeful anticipation of Christmas Eve—I was just silly … [Read more...]

The Dickens’ Dustbowl.

Now let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, here: I am NOT that newlywed girl that sits around burning the roast and oversalting gummy mashed potatoes. Please. My Mama taught me better than that. Also, this is not 1953 and there are no roasts in my house. Kellan and I … [Read more...]

Be the Change. [And Then Put It In My Ziplock!]

My sweet husband celebrated the week of my birthday by taking me to a charming local coffee dive called Professor Java’s every single night for the most divine decaf iced caramel latte of my LIFE. Or at least of this month. Professor Java’s is the kind of place that makes me want … [Read more...]