Top Ten Nuggets of Newlywed GOLD.

Kellan and I celebrated a year of marriage on March 2nd. My sweet husband planned an incredible surprise weekend in New York City, and we lived it up because hallelujah we made it! Reflections on our first year of marriage are coming later. Today, in honor of one whole year, … [Read more...]

Christie’s Stupid Good Magical Unicorn Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I was embarrassed, but not embarrassed enough to stop. At the expense of both my questionable reputation and the little pride that I have left, I'm going to tell you this story because I love you and I want you to be happy. And after twenty-six years I HAVE SEEN THE … [Read more...]

[Non]Sense and [Southern] Sensibility.

My sweet sister shaved her head and raised over $5,000 to fight cancer. I know a number of you jumped in to help her—THANK you. In other news, who looks that cute with a shaved head?! It’s been snowing for two days in New York. I am, of course, fighting my North Carolina urge … [Read more...]

The Dental Walk of Shame.

Last Thursday, I went to the dentist. He kindly scheduled me an 8:00 AM appointment for the next morning to have a cavity filled. Y’all, there are few things in life that are more humiliating than a dentist sitting in a pristine office with a perfect smile and a crisp, white … [Read more...]

Release the Flying Monkeys!

Kellan and I made an impromptu decision to go house hunting this weekend. Honestly, we’re not even convinced that we’re in the market to buy, but we’re young and had nothing better to do after church than to wander into strangers homes and stare at carpets that saw the Nixon … [Read more...]

SIT Paula Deen!

It’s nice to see you! You haven’t changed one bit. You’ll have to excuse my absence—I’ve been very busy working on my tan. And y’all, I cannot even TALK about what the southern sunshine did to my blazing marshmallow white New York body on my first beach day. My advice to you? DO … [Read more...]