I Would do Anything for Love. [But I Won’t do THAT.]

Can I confess something? I haven’t legally changed my name yet. I know. I know. But the thing is, the DMV. I just. I can’t. The list of things that I would happily do before visiting the DMV is impossibly long, and includes sitting still for a fifteen hour transatlantic … [Read more...]

My Closet Deep Fryer.

Let’s just file this particular story under “times that I would have happily decapitated my husband had he been in the same state.” Kellan flew out bright and early for another business trip yesterday morning. A couple of hours passed, and then my phone rang. The following … [Read more...]

How Old Spice Saved My Marriage.

As I grabbed our grocery list off the fridge yesterday, I saw “Old Spice Deodorant: whatever smell you like best” scrawled across the top. What can I say? I married romance. But y’all don’t even KNOW how huge this was! Kellan and I have never done well shopping together. It … [Read more...]


I just wanted a haircut. My friend Jamie has been styling my hair since I was a senior in high school. I haven’t let another pair of scissors touch my head since I was seventeen, excluding one unfortunate moment of desperation in Senegal during which I allowed a local missionary … [Read more...]

Visits to the Edge.

I have BIG news! No, I’m not pregnant. I think my least favorite part about marriage might be that every single time I call a friend with something earth shattering to announce, [and in my world, there are often earth shattering things to announce. I live in extremes and … [Read more...]


Friday night found Kellan and I at an office happy hour.His office, clearly. Not mine. My office currently consists of the “most called” list in my cell phone and the scrumptious little elderly Asian man that occasionally works out beside me at the gym. He doesn’t speak of lick … [Read more...]