Summer: You’re Sloppy Seconds.

Oh my stars, September is here! It’s time. Time for crisp, sunny football afternoons and newly sharpened pencils, corn mazes and pumpkin spice lattes [which I never drink, but get simply dizzy with bliss smelling]. It’s time for leather boots that crunch on golden brown leaves, … [Read more...]

The Facts.

These are the facts, and they are undisputed. 1. Refried  beans and caramel truffle coffee do not a happy morning make. That particular life lesson was learned yesterday morning, during which I decided it would be a simply grand idea to eat nachos for breakfast, right before I … [Read more...]

My Smarter-Than-Me-Phone.

It was free. And free was the only way that I would have taken it, really. I cancelled my cell phone plan last summer right before I flew back to Dakar, effectively rendering both my old phone number and my antique pink phone entirely useless. [Really. The Smithsonian called … [Read more...]

Do You Believe In Magic?

One of the unsung blessings of life in a third world country is that things that are regulated in more developed parts of the world just...well, aren't. For instance, given that the FDA is nowhere to be found, we get real sugar in our Senegalese coke. We're under absolutely no … [Read more...]