Of Cow Appreciation Day. [In Which I Sold My Self-Respect for $5.39.]

Would you humiliate yourself for five dollars and thirty-nine cents?  Sigh. I didn’t think I would, either. I also didn’t foresee getting suckered into “Cow Appreciation Day” at Chik-fil-a. [Again with that tragically irresistible crack-laced chicken!] Sometime around eleven AM … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m Gone to Carolina in My Mind!

There’s something about that hauntingly beautiful song that makes me indescribably homesick. If you graduated from UNC, you understand exactly what I’m talking about-those lyrics just make you remember. Something incredible springs to life as the first notes float into the … [Read more...]

When in Africa…[Of Villages, Safaris, and Two Dead Goats.]

I could have used about nine more cups of coffee last early Thursday morning, but Africa has taught me that dehydration is infinitely preferable to needing a bathroom in the midst of a trek across the barren African landscape. We unceremoniously stuffed 35 people into the … [Read more...]

Of Need. [The 10/40 Window.]

I want to ask you for a moment, to step into a world that is entirely unlike the one you presently belong to. A world where the air is heavy with the scent of unfamiliar spices and vibrant colors vie for your attention. The hopeless sound of a nearby mosque drones in the … [Read more...]