Color. [Awake!]

“…the deepest, wildest voice they had ever heard was saying: ‘Narnia, Narnia Narnia awake. Love. Think. Speak. Be walking trees. Be talking beasts. Be divine waters.’ It was of course the lion’s voice….” -CS Lewis, The Magicians Nephew

Khadi Ba yesterday, with what would soon become lunch.

One of the things that I dearly love about Senegal is the not-so-subtle way that Senegalese people wildly splash outrageously brilliant colors all over the dusty brown, defeated city that serves as a rough canvas to their vivid imaginations.

The vibrant hues hopefully, rakishly welcome me in the most unexpected of places-beautifully beckoning, promising hope and life. In a city that often feels dull and very much asleep, emerald greens and ruby reds, tropical oranges and banana yellows scream life!

Color is the hopeful song of my city, cloaked in the shadow of intense scarcity and fear but never, never entirely vanished. Color promises that there is more than the brown filth that at first glance is all to be seen, more than the mournful melody of the mosque that to the untrained ear, is all to be heard.

Color is a promise of something that is entrancing

Dayton, Christy and I went to Khadi Ba's house for Yassa Poulet yesterday.

and compelling and real, but has not yet been discovered. It is the tenative celebration of a life desperately longed for, but not yet lived. Color begs you to understand that there is more than the mundane and every-day. In the midst of the ordinary and overlooked,

On my way home from Khadi's yesterday, I saw a bunch of these Carte Rapide's taking exuberant men to a wrestling match. It was hysterical!

color begs you to awake and see the Artist.

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