I Choose You. [Today, and Every Day.]

This series of pictures is candid-I happened to have my camera beside me one day last summer.

This Wednesday [May18th], the world will remember a spring day twenty six years ago, when John Peterson and Cindy Wescott said “I choose you” and sealed the deal with a little bling. The unspeakable hype surrounding William and Kate was all well and good [and really, did you see her dress? Divine.]-but in a world where McDonalds hamburgers last longer than most marriages, I think the real celebration ought to be reserved for those few couples that have spent a lifetime making good on “’Till death do us part”.

And my parents have. As I pack away my childhood in a trunk full of  spelling tests, book reports, and one embarrassingly oversized sticker collection, the ramifications of growing up with parents that are impossibly in love and committed to working at their marriage begin to sink in. In choosing to love each other unconditionally, my parents have provided a tangible example of the tender way that Jesus loves me since the day I was born. It’s the awe-inspiring power of the covenant of marriage: I will do my part even if you do not do yours. And isn’t that was Jesus says to me every morning as my eyes flutter open and I stumble towards my coffee pot? Ashley, I will do my part even if you do not do yours. I will speak to you even if you don’t speak to me. I will pursue you even if you don’t pursue me. I will love you even if you don’t love me. I will send my Son in your place even if you don’t deserve it. I will forgive you even when you don’t ask for it. I will, I will, I will-even if you won’t. And there is nothing that can separate you from My love!

Faith is a romance. God is perfectly loving-the Bible says that it’s not simply something that He does, but it’s something that He is. And while my parents are far from perfect, they’ve modeled that kind of willing self sacrifice for me for as long as I can remember.

Twenty six years later, my parents are still dating.  Twenty six years later, my Dad still randomly walks in the front door at the end of a long day with a big grin on his face and a dozen red roses hidden behind his back. [As evidenced by the nauseating picture series that I candidly snapped last summer when I just happened to have my camera around to document just such a “just because” moment.] Twenty six years later, unsuspecting grocery store cashiers still have nowhere to run as my gushing Mother regales them with stories of how she’s the “most happily married woman she knows”.  Twenty six years later, there are still hidden love notes, stolen kisses in the kitchen, and hours spent talking on the back porch on long summer nights because they endlessly enjoy each other. Twenty six years later, my parents are still so crazy in love, they can neither think, see, or speak clearly. Or spell. Or recite the Gettysburg Address. Or perform differential equations.

And really, I think that’s how it ought to be. William and Kate may get all the press-but John and Cindy Peterson get happily ever after.

[To read a letter my Mom wrote about my Dad on their 25th anniversary, check out I [Still] Do.]


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