I [Still] Do.

My parents on a date to go see Wicked a few weeks ago. I love that after 25 years, my parents are still dating!

Today is my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary! One of the sweetest things in my life has been growing up with parents that are crazy in love with each other. After twenty-five years, my Dad still absolutely adores my Mom-and she thinks that he hung the moon. An email that my Mom wrote some friends of hers and I today made me smile-there was absolutely nothing  that she wrote that I haven’t heard her say a million times before! I think that’s because after twenty-five years, my parents STILL can’t stop talking about each other. :)

Dear Friends,

Let it be known that on this day 25 years ago, Cindy Wescott  and John Peterson said “I do.” It is a wonderful thing that after all of these years, I would shout “I do” again if I had the chance.  I have said for years that I married the greatest man on earth. Sorry girls. You will have to settle for second best. It is not that we have lived a simple life. We have had four children, three international moves, multiple job changes, the loss of parents… And yet we still really like each other. My daughter says that I can barely get through the line at the grocery store without telling the cashier that I am the most happily married woman I know. It is true. My love for him is not the same as it was on the day of our wedding. It’s so much deeper now. I knew it was more than a romantic feeling when about a month after our wedding, I threw up on the floor and he cleaned up after me. Now THAT is love. There have been multiple instances many times a day since then that he has  loved me well. It was the Valentine’s Day that we were apart. I thought he must have forgotten but then he called. He asked me to find a file for him. He said it was the last one in the cabinet. What I found was a box of perfume that he knew that I wanted but would never have purchased for myself. It still makes me smile whenever I put it on. There was the surprise dancing lesson we did together. He doesn’t like to dance but he knew that I had always wanted to do it with him. There was the surprise cruise that he booked for us or the time that he went through my jewelry box and had all of my broken jewelry repaired. There was also the pepto bismal pink bathrobe, but I didn’t say he was perfect. He is just perfect for me.  His purposeful love is not displayed only on special occasions. It’s the little things as well. He has chosen to partner with me through life. We have been colleagues in ministry. He wants me to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to me. He values and respects who I am and is not intimidated by my leadership. He is a great Dad, a great partner and my best friend. I am so delighted that God gave me such a precious gift.

So today, it is HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us. Here’s to the next 25 with the man of my dreams!

Cindy Peterson

I read that sweet note to Christy and Katie after it popped into my inbox this afternoon, and we all agreed that we’d like to hold out for that kind of heart-fluttering, “delightful” happily ever after. So thanks Mom and Dad, for modeling that kind of love for me for each of my twenty-three years in a world where it’s almost non-existent. Thanks for being committed to working at your marriage, dating for a lifetime, loving each other sacrificially-and yes, even randomly kissing in the kitchen. How incredible that I can look at you two, and hope that if I’m ever married my marriage looks something like yours. [Lord help the man that tries to measure up to my Daddy…]

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


  1. Kristin says:

    Hey, that’s a great picture. Who took it? :-)

    Yes, didn’t that e-mail make you never ever want to settle? (e-mail convo flashback Ash)


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