It’s a Boy!

At my goodbye party in North Carolina right before leaving Senegal. Thank goodness next year I'll have a coffee buddy!

In a recent incredibly exciting turn of events, I’m thrilled to announce that a friend of mine from UNC is joining us in Senegal next year! I was talking with Ted on skype a couple of months ago, and I off-handedly asked him what he was doing next year.


Ted, Christy and I with our friend James-who needs to come visit next year! :)

He hemmed and hawed about some different options, and I jokingly told him that he should just come to Senegal. To my immense surprise, he told me that that he’d toyed with the idea. Clearly, that was all I needed-and I asked him to give me “five minutes to recruit him”. Recruiting someone to come to Senegal may be one of the easiest things in the world to do-the need here is overwhelming, and my team and I have more fun than I ever would have thought would be possible for five people living in a giant pile of dirt. :) Ted had his application in less than ten hours later! One of the great things about him is that he already has a heart for Africa-he spent four and a half months of his senior year of college in Tanzania working with the IMB’s “Hands On” program. [Read: he’s not going to be entirely lost when he steps off the plane.] It’s also going to be fun having another Carolina grad here-that’s Carolina: 3 and Dook: 1 incase anybody’s counting. ;) If you pray, please pray for Ted over the next several months as he raises support and gets ready to come. I’ll keep you posted!

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