Making The Sun Stand Still.

An elated group of STINTers about an hour after Diegane decided to follow Jesus on Saturday!

Diegane decided to follow Jesus on Saturday!

 I’m not going to tell you the story-I’m going to let Dayton do that. [That should be posted later today or tomorrow.] That glorious news made for one incredible weekend, though! It has been six months since we’ve seen someone make the critical leap from “I believe” to “I choose Jesus”-and honestly, we live for those moments. We came to Senegal because God is good and worth it and He said “go to the world” so we went. Period. Truthfully though, we really really want to see people understand that they were created to know and walk with Jesus.

 Our job as STINTers [really, as people that follow Jesus] is intercessory faith-believing on behalf of people that don’t know to believe for themselves yet. My team and I stand in the impossibly vast gap between our Senegalese friends and the God that desperately loves them, and we beg Him on their behalves. Every new, early morning when the sun creeps over the minaret of the mosque in a garish, ostentatious display of purples and reds, we once again choose to believe that God intensely cares about people like Diegane, Aya, Khadi, Moussa and Kalfa much more than we do. We’re not sure how He’s going to do it-and most days it looks absolutely impossible-but our job is to stand in that gap and believe that when God said EVERY tribe, tongue and nation, He meant it. I believe that God is more committed to His name and His glory than I am-and so I spend my days putting the gospel on the display for students that don’t yet understand that Jesus must  be everything. Jesus longs to redeem even the ugliest, most secret pieces of their lives and restore the relationship with God that they were created for. Don’t we all harbor that secret craving to be perfectly loved and accepted?  

 And so every day, all day, my team and I ask God for the seemingly impossible. The most astonishing moves of God

Dayton and Diegane at our Christmas party in December.

are a response to absolutely audacious requests from people that actually believe that God is who He says He is. So like Joshua asking God to make the sun stand still [really, go read that story in Joshua 10 if you don’t know what I’m talking about-it’s priceless!], we take dares on God’s exclusive power to save and redeem, and audaciously ask Him for things that don’t appear to make any sense at all. We’re all still learning what it looks like to boldly take dares on God’s power and willingness to save-and to live our lives with an audacious, expectant faith that gives Him a chance to show off. It’s absolutely thrilling! It’s thrilling, and it’s not just for the five of us that live in Africa-it’s for anybody that follows Jesus. How might your life change if you really believed that God is who He says He is? What would it look like for you to ask God to “make the sun stand still”?

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