Of Tissue Snowstorms and Caramel Latte Coups.

A picture from the "Amazing Race" our team did the other day. These two are keeping me alive!

I’ve spent the past couple of days in bed.

Clearly, by “in bed”,  what I actually mean is that I’ve alternated between sprawling out on the blissfully cool tile in the living room, and curling up on the mat masquerading as my bed while the drunken lullaby drifting from the mosque sings me to sleep.

If you ask me, I think my body is simply staging a coup until I succumb to its demands for a venti skinny caramel latte and an onion bagel. It’s decided to reject all other foods-and after the Great Ant Incident of last week, who can blame it?

Given that I haven’t been able to retain nutrients for four days, I’ve also got a dizzying cold. [Yes, a cold. The irony isn’t escaping any of us, over here.] My apartment is covered by what looks like a delicate layer of snow-but sadly, upon closer inspection turns out to simply be layers upon layers of wadded up tissues.

 Ho, ho, ho.

 I’m taking enough cold medicine to kill a baby elephant and thus cannot be entirely certain, but in my doped-up stupor I seem to recall arguing with an exceedingly patient Christy for a solid twenty minutes over whether or not I was going to drink grape Gatorade. Apparently I wanted raspberry lemonade crystal light, and in an effort to “get some electrolytes into

Food like this is part of the problem. My stomach needs to man up.

 me”, my favorite force-to-be-reckoned-with was determined to force a grape Gatorade packet into a very unwilling me.

 Two valuable lessons from this afternoon. First: cold medicine turns me into a five year old. Second: Christy always wins.

 She, Michelle, and all the men have been fantastic. I haven’t done a thing for myself in four days-in between whipping up chicken soup [Chicken. Soup. In Dakar!], making me drink enough tea and Gatorade to fill no less than three kiddie-pools, [you know I’m sick when coffee stops appealing to me], and keeping me on a strict schedule of vitamins and cold medicine that would make the changing of the guards look sloppy and lackadaisical, it’s really a wonder I’m still sick.

I have the most fantastic team. :)

 We’re starting our “normal” schedules tomorrow morning-please pray that my body cooperates! I’m excited about this year. :) I’m excited for the myriad of ways it will be different from last year-for old relationships and new ones, for all of the men and  women that desperately need Jesus and are about to discover who He is. I’m also really intrigued to discover how the girl that gets on a plane to fly home in July will be different from the girl that’s typing this right now.

 So, here we go. STINT: the Remix. I hope you’re excited for the stories!


  1. Tricia King says:

    Is it just me or could the “inability to retain nutrients for the past 4 days” be directly linked with the consumption of a “street meat sandwich” just 5 days ago??? I am sure we don’t even want to know what is in those (besides ants) and I would suggest avoiding them in the future! I’m just sayin’. . . :) Hope you feel better soon and glad your team is taking such good care of you!

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