Our first pictures of Nora Grace!

We’ve been talking a lot about Nora Grace around here because friends, I am straight up OBSESSED. :) For the record, I have a laundry list of other things we need to talk about [chiefly, my new Fitbit, which has singlehandedly destroyed my entire life], but I just couldn’t WAIT to show you these!

Because of her special medical needs, Nora’s adoption program sent her to be with my Aunt and Uncle for five weeks for some preliminary medical treatments, after which she has to go back to her orphanage in China. Her adoption will not be finalized until the paperwork goes through and everything is paid for. But goodness, what a TREAT to get to meet her already! She arrived on Monday, and Y’ALL. My heart CAN’T EVEN. Just LOOK!!Nora 3

Tina and John told me that she’s fit right in–despite her very limited English, she’s giggling and pounding away on the piano and playing with her ten new siblings like she’s been doing it her whole life! We are, of course, under no illusions that leaving the orphanage she’s called home and the culture and language that she knows is an easy thing for Nora–adoption is breathtaking and redemptive and painful all at the same time.

Now, because life is WILDLY unfair and Kellan is  currently on a business trip in South Carolina [where Tina and John live], my lucky-duck husband got to MEET her last night! He showed up loaded with bags of chocolate ice cream and Lucky Charms because WE ARE NOT ABOVE BRIBING OUR WAY INTO CHILDREN’S AFFECTIONS.

Nora 2

Can you EVEN?

Nora 1

I could cry grateful tears for days. Nora has never had a family before, and God isn’t just giving her a family–He’s giving her THEM. It’s all so extravagant I don’t know what to do.

Nora 4

I MEAN. Stahhhhhp.

Nora 5Now Y’ALL. Are you ready for your heart to burst into a trillion tiny pieces?


Thus far, God has raised $7,500 out of the needed $38,000 for Nora’s adoption, and we are so grateful! If you’d like to learn more about her story and be a financial part of bringing our sweet girl home forever, you can click here.

Now if you need me, I’ll just be staring at that picture of my husband. I mean, SWOON, amiright?!