Sixteen Candles.

Friends, today is my little sister’s 16th birthday! I prayed for a sister for eleven long years before I finally got one. Sure, Mom and Dad thought that they were done having kids—but with two brothers quickly tiring of forced dress-up and tea … [Continue reading]

Fancy Pants.

Welcome to the new blog! What do you think? All I have to say is, Danielle Burkleo and Mary Hess for PRESIDENT. [Yes, both of them.] Danielle and Mary are the elves responsible for the renovation around here, and were absolute GEMS that answered my … [Continue reading]

IMPORTANT: If you’re subscribed to my blog…

This blog will self-destruct in 3…2..1.. I kid. Well, kind of. The thing is, I think we all know that this little blog of mine needs an extreme makeover. Can I be painfully honest for a moment? The way that this space looks makes me want to walk … [Continue reading]

The Influence Conference Meet and Greet.

Hi there, Influence! I’m Ashley P. Dickens. The world feels surprisingly small to me. Though I currently live in upstate New York, I’ve spent more of my life living outside of America than in it. I’ve found home everywhere from frozen Eastern Europe … [Continue reading]

The Day I Became a Woman.

It sat on the counter taunting me for days. An auspicious looking manila envelope housed an offer for a free, two month trial membership at BJ’s—our local jumbo store. Now, I should tell you that in my mind, I am the sort of girl that shops at five … [Continue reading]

How to Impress Your In-Laws.

Well, hi there! You haven’t changed one bit. I apologize for the unannounced summer hiatus-- but now that fall is here, let’s get back to our normally scheduled programming, shall we? We’ll pick up right where we left off: when my in-laws came to … [Continue reading]