Please Excuse This Interruption.

I know. It’s been a while.  But life as of late has been fraught with the busy ambiguities that drive me absolutely mad and don’t make good stories anyways.

But here it is: I’m back in Raleigh. Three mildly panicked SOS doctors, two plane rides, and one giant caramel latte later-I’m home. The saga of the Little Legs that Wouldn’t, while both riveting and wildly entertaining, got to be a bit too much and the powers that be mandated that I leave Senegal immediately for medical care. Before I really had slightest clue as to what was happening, I was pressed against the side of my JFK-bound window seat trying to avoid a positively massive Senegalese lady that struggled to grasp the subtle concept of personal space. She spent eight excruciating hours attempting to teach me Wolof, while I masqueraded as a viciously intimidating member of the Russian mafia that hadn’t the foggiest idea of what was happening.

[Just kidding. I used all four of my Wolof phrases.]

And before I knew it, there was snow [SNOW!] on the ground, and a very sweet custom’s agent was listening to my life story and offering her medical [in]expertise.

After which Kellan accomplished the seemingly impossible, and successfully rendered me entirely speechless when he surprised me at JFK with that aforementioned giant caramel latte to fly the rest of the way home with me. I kid you not- all ability to form coherant sentances was hopelessly lost for a solid two minutes.

I’ve spent the last week making friends with the head of Infectious Diseases at Duke Hospital. My condition has been diagnosed-but the cause remains to be determined. I’m going to be just fine-and hope to be back in Senegal soon. Stay tuned on that one.

Thus far, the most delightfully astonishing things about life back home are as follows:

  1. Sleeping on a bed.
  2. Being able to drink tap water.
  3. Not blowing the electricity when I plug something in.
  4. Not waking up to bugs crawling all over me.

But goodness, do I ever miss my team. And as crazy as this is going to sound to most of you, part of me misses sleeping on the floor and waging genocide on the roaches in my kitchen. [Okay fine-watching Michelle wage genocide on the roaches in my kitchen.] That’s my world right now. It’s my world until July 6th. And I need to get back.

More stories to come soon-I simply thought it was high time to clue you in to the chaos. North Carolina friends-I would love to see you, but I’m just not up to much. Though come to think of it, drinking caramel lattes doesn’t have a thing to do with my legs, now does it…


  1. Oh no! I’m glad you are getting taken care of though :) And I WISH that I’d known you were back, even if it was just to be sitting in bed — I JUST left North Carolina yesterday, and I could’ve brought you some coffee at the very least!

  2. Mohammed the fruit man says:

    Merci de m’rappeler au 776641923.

  3. haha, is that really Mohammad? There’s no way. But awesome nonetheless.

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