The Tyranny of “Nice Girl”.

Floral Mom“Bloody, dirty and messy aren’t words that you normally hear at a women’s conference—but perhaps it’s time that we change that. God did not design you to be a nice girl—he designed you to be a dangerous one.”

If you want to see me leap wildly out of my seat and start doing a lot of passionate hand-talking, mention God’s design for women. So often, the subtle lie that we hear in churches is that we have been designed to be nice girls that get together with groups of other nice girls, to talk about how to be NICER girls. It’s a crushing idea that rings empty and frankly, leaves me depressed that God made me a woman.

…but what if? What if, as women created in the image of God that have been designed to display Him to a world hemorrhaging and groaning under the crushing weight of sin, we’re actually called to far more than niceness? What if God isn’t calling us to be nice girls, but instead is calling us to be dangerous ones?

Last month, I got to join my Mama at a women’s conference at the Summit Church, and we chatted about this very thing. For the record: I had no intention of clutching the invisible pearls at my neck like Blanche Dubois when my Mother mentioned Albany’s lack of Chickfila, and I probably shouldn’t have referenced my plastic hooker heels. Live and learn, friends.



  1. I will never ever forget you packing your heels “for MidYear”.

  2. I love this post because so many of us women are fixated on being the “nice girl” when you’re exactly right, we need to be dangerous! That’s what God created us to be.
    I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Libester Award on my blog today!

  3. Alright watching this has made me officially want to leave staff and join HOPE too ;)


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