A Few of My Favorite Things! [Manna.]

My package from Jenny!

About a month ago, I wrote a blog about all of the coffee my wonderful friends across the pond have sent my way, in which I mentioned that I had such an impressive cache stowed away in my suitcase, that I wasn’t going to need any more until next year. [Fondly referred to as STINT: The Remix.] Imagine my great dismay upon the unhappy realization that I had spoken too soon! After looking up “aneurysm” in my medical dictionary to see if I’d just had one, I was forced to conclude that apparently, I became rather overly excited at the thought of all that glorious, superfluous coffee languidly sitting around in my apartment, and …I drank it all. Last week I realized that I’ll be snorting drinking the very last drop in about two weeks. [Rendering me coffee-less for approximately thirty-five inevitably excruciating last days in Dakar, and thereby instigating frenzied, widespread panic throughout the third world country in which I live. There has been talk of flying all flags at half-mast.]

 Cue this morning, when I jogged over to the post office with a package slip [happy things that they are!] without the foggiest idea of who on earth might have popped something in the mail for me. With inexplicable delight, I opened up a big manila envelope from Jenny Knox [a friend from UNC and a former STINTer in Sweden] who had unbeknownst to me, stuck a goody bag of my favorite things in the mail at the end of April! With absolutely no idea that I was out of either, Jenny sent me [among other things] crystal light raspberry lemonade [a favorite] and a bag of French Vanilla coffee.  I created quite a scene in the post office…

 Manna. Just enough for one day. Exactly what I need, right when I need it-never a moment late, but rarely

French vanilla coffee, raspberry lemonade, taco seasoning, highlighters...when you live in Africa, these sorts of things are absolute gold. :)

comfortably early. I mentioned yesterday that God has taught me a lot about His faithfulness this year. Getting coffee in the mail this morning is just a small scale example of the way that I’ve been learning to trust Him to provide exactly what I need right when I need it. It is one thing to understand in your mind that Jesus provides-but it is all together another thing to experience it.  Jesus has faithfully taken care of me along every step of this crazy journey I’ve been on for seven months-from the big things like a place to live and keeping me safe, to the little things like a bag of French Vanilla coffee just as I was about to run out. What a good God. :)

 Speaking of a place to live…Christy and I are about to sign on a new apartment! We have a third girl joining us next year [more on that exciting news soon!], and there is barely enough room in

the fort [my team’s affectionate name for our tiny studio apartment] for two, much less three. The apartment right below the men opened up-and Christy and I are moving from our tiny little one room club house on the roof to a real apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a real bathroom! In 20 days, I’m going to have a bathtub and

A picture of the fort before Dayton and Ben remodeled it for Christy and I.

 hot water. [Be still, my beating heart!]. We move in on June 1.

 And so we’re kicking life into overdrive in Dakar-picking up twenty-seven Americans from the airport at 4:45 Sunday morning, teaching them how to navigate life in Dakar, moving in twenty days, flying out in 48…I feel like if I blink I’ll miss it! For now, I’m off for my run on the beach before crepe night this evening. [Nutella banana crepes and scrambled eggs: the team dinner of champions.]

The bathroom in the fort: no door, no shower...we make it work.


  1. Kristin says:

    A REAL BATHROOM AND HOT WATER?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I so would have sent coffee with the sp had I known. So glad Jenny was ahead of the curve on that one.

  2. I know, it’s absolutely thrilling!!

    And I know you would have sent me coffee-you’re a lifesaver. I think at least one of them is bringing me more, so I shouldn’t run out before I leave. :) I’m excited to get coffee with you this summer!!

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