And so it begins. [Summer Project.]

This afternoon I took some of the girls to Michelle's-my favorite hole-in-the-wall Senegalese resturaunt.

Well, here we go! Yesterday, NOT at 4:45 AM [as initially planned] my team and I picked up our twenty-six, NOT twenty-seven [as previously expected] person summer project!  Thus, everything is right on track by Senegalese standards. :) My team and I tracked the SP’s flight all night, and realized around 2:00 AM that they were going to be arriving aproximately four hours late. [Personally, I think God just wanted to start acclimating them to the slower-than-molasses Senegalese culture.] In a rather unfortunate turn of events, I woke up at 4:00 AM feeling absolutely wired and ready to go. So clearly  I did what any intelligent person does when you wake up in the middle of the night–…I started drinking french vanilla coffee. Which, beautifully enough, I can do to my deliriously happy heart’s content now that I have EIGHT new bags! [Thank you Mom and Katie Seamon!] My Mom and a couple of friends sent me some really fun things to hold me over until I get home in six short weeks-Christmas in May is one of my new favorite things. I think I could bathe in Crystal Light Raspberry lemonade right now-…if only I had a bathtub. ;)

 The SP has handled the jet lag and culture stress brilliantly-thus far, we’ve taken them around campus, prayer walked, started their training, taken them to eat Senegalese food…it’s been a whirlwind, but it’s fun to see Dakar through fresh eyes again. Their reactions to the food are varied and interesting-I’m in the midst of attempting to convince some of them that the US government’s recommendation that you have nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day is really just imperialist propoganda. [You simply don’t have that option in Senegal.] Tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM we’re starting a day of training-I’m going to be giving a seminar on Islamic theology. Those poor kids are going to feel like they’re drinking out of a fire hydrant-but it’s rather unavoidable given that they’re only here for just over five weeks. Pray for them-it’s an obscene amount of information that would be better absorbed over the course of months or years as opposed to hours. [And I’m just giving one of the seminars.] Tomorrow night we’re having a party at their “hotel” [a glorified air-conditioned hovel] with all of our students so the SP can meet some Senegalese students-I think at least four of my girls are coming with the sole purpose of landing a husband. [Read: green card. Sorry boys.] I plan to offer Ben as a consolation prize if it turns out that nobody on the SP wants to get married this summer. 

In other news, the summer project is good for more than evangelism, hysterical cultural blunders [thank goodness

The loot-EIGHT bags of coffee and my Starbucks bottled fraps made yesterday feel like Christmas. Thanks Matt, KL and Katie for lugging all of this across the ocean!

someone else is making them for a change!] and divine American food–I am ever-so-slowly getting caught up on the American pop-culture scene that I’ve been missing! This afternoon I finally figured out who on earth Justin Bieber is-and honestly, I can’t for the life of me figure out why all of you back home care so much. To each his own. :)

Anyhow, it’s time to fall into bed over here in Dakar. When did I get this old? Four of the five of us on my team went to sleep at nine thirty last night [better described as the end of one of the longest days of our lives]. In my defense, I’d been up since four!  I’m excited about the stories over the next couple of days and weeks-expect to see a lot of them.

Bon nuit!


  1. Kristin says:

    Look at all your goodies!!!
    I think I was nice to the carriers with my tiny package. :-) Didn’t want anyone to go overweight in their luggage.
    I love that mascara is smack dab in the middle of that pile.

  2. You were SO sweet to do that! That got such a huge smile. :) …and yes, I live in Africa and I don’t get to be cute anymore-but I’m still wearing mascara. Go figure. ;)


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