I’d Drink the Kool-Aid.

photo (6)I’d like to announce that I’m retiring from baking. I reached the peak of my culinary career yesterday, and sometimes you just need to quit while you’re ahead. Or at least, that’s what I intend to tell my children one day when I get tired of driving them to soccer practice.

Kellan and I had dinner with some friends last night [read: another excuse to get out of my yoga pants!], and I was responsible for dessert. The difficulties of cooking for just two people are myriad, and the foremost is that there are very few worthwhile dessert recipes that don’t make enough to feed an army. And unfortunately, [or maybe, impressively?] in the absence of an army, I tend to rise to the challenge in the presence of anything chocolate. Self-control and unforgiving jeans dictate that I don’t keep dessert around the house. [Hoarding a secret stash of chocolate chips is, however, an entirely different story. Be a dear and don’t tell Kellan.]

Being tasked with bringing dessert offered a splendid excuse to test a new recipe I’d been dying to make—The Pioneer Woman’s tiramisu. Now, I realize that this might bring back unpleasant memories of red kool-aid and some slightly unfounded apocalyptic scenarios, but if the Pioneer Woman told me to pack up my things and go spend a year hula hooping atop a mountain in Nepal with two sherpas and a yak, you can bet your hiney that the next day would find me enthusiastically trekking up the mountain side with a giant pink hoop and snacks. I love her with my whole heart and I just can’t help it.

Do you remember when you were about six years old and your Great Aunt Maude would ask you how much you loved mint chocolate chip ice cream, and beaming, you would spread your arms as far apart as you possibly could until it looked like you were trying to hug the planet? THAT is how much I love tiramisu. To communicate the depths of that love to you would minimally require an interpretive dance, three haikus and an “Ashley + tiramisu 4 LIFE” T-shirt. Too bad none of us have that kind of time today, so you’ll just need to take my word for it. The point here is that the blissful combination of the Pioneer Woman and her tiramisu recipe cannot be beaten. And because it’s Tuesday, because man cannot survive on baby carrots and hummus alone, and because I may or may not have eaten leftover tiramisu for breakfast, here’s the link for those of you that need some mascarpone cheese and marsala wine to get you through to Friday.

Go forth and make dessert. If you need me, I’ll be on the treadmill.

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