Of Dirty Laundry and Dead Pigeons. [Errands.]

Living in a third world country means that the simplest of things that used to take three and a half minutes are guaranteed to run you no less than three and a half hours. Errands that used to take me no time at all in Chapel Hill have evolved into all-day affairs. My least favorite of these is laundry.

In an enthusiastic effort to live like a local (…or possibly because we have no other choice) my team and I wash all of our clothes by hand -which has several rather unfortunate ramifications:

  1. Given the fact that we all hate taking four hours to do our laundry, we routinely run out of clean clothes.
  2. “Clean” has become a very fluid concept-…none of us have been truly clean since we left the US.
  3. We are all developing carpel tunnel from wringing out water-logged  jeans and t-shirts into the sink.

Christy helped capture today’s laundry escapade on film.

Laundry time.

I don't know why on earth I'm smiling-I really do hate doing laundry here. It must have been all of the Michael Buble blaring in the background. (Somebody's got to drown out the mosque...)

I dearly miss my washing machine!

Several hours after doing laundry, I was reminded of how much I miss Harris Teeter when I discovered this in the grocery store…

Pigeon, anyone?

In our “cross cultural training”, we were repeatedly told to remember that “it’s not wrong, it’s just different.”

I’d like to submit that eating pigeon for dinner is, infact, wrong.

Note: we normally don’t shop at the grocery store. We try to buy most of our food at open air markets like this…

A typical African market.

I still haven’t worked up to buying a live chicken and turning it into pot pie. Baby steps. (And you can just forget about the pigeon.)

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